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November 15th "Hair Accessory Swap" - Carrie E.

November 15th "Hair Accessory Swap" - Carrie E.

“Hair Accessory Swap”
with Carrie E.
Sunday, November 15th

Come join this fun swap where you make 12 of the same hair accessory, embellished with at least one scrapbooking item. We will meet on Sunday, November 15th, and trade our projects with 11 other people, so you will leave with 12 different hair accessories!!! You can keep some for yourself, and save the others for small Christmas gifts...they will be perfect for stocking stuffers! As a bonus you will receive 2 gift boxes that will fit the smaller items, plus an extra hair accessory, both made by Carrie. Photos will be taken of the final projects and submitted to a magazine. Can’t wait to see what you create!